Terms & Conditions of Sale

The following are the suppliers' standard terms and conditions applicable to all business transacted by the supplier (the business).

  1. General
    All orders accepted by the supplier from a customer are accepted solely on these terms and conditions and no variation thereof will be recognised by the supplier unless expressly agreed in writing. The giving of an order by the customer or an agent on a customers' behalf to the supplier in respect of any of the suppliers' business shall be deemed an unqualified acceptance by the customer of these terms and conditions upon which the business is transacted.
  2. Orders
    The wooden structure to be built by the supplier will be in accordance with the details completed by the customer on the order form. It is for the customer to ensure that the customers' detailed requirements are set out in and incorporated into the order form.
  3. Catalogues etc
    All illustrations, drawings, catalogues and descriptive matter is of a generally informative nature only and do not form part of the contract between the supplier and the customer except to the extent expressed and incorporated in it. The supplier reserves the right to make without notice such minor modifications in specification, design, material or finish as he might deem necessary, desirable or circumstances may require.
  4. Site works
    Unless otherwise agreed all site works are the responsibility of the customer. The site area must be cleared and levelled and the customers' base laid e.g. concrete, paving slabs, level grass, clinker or compacted soil before the structure is due for delivery. All overhanging branches must be cut back to avoid damage to the structures felt roof. In respect of the stables a clear 12 foot wide hard road access is required to the site to within 30 feet of the stable base. If such hard road access is not available it is for the customer to provide and pay for additional labour to help carry the stable materials. The securing down of the stable to the base is the responsibility of the customer.
  5. Price and Charges
    All prices and charges quoted to or agreed with the customer are based on the cost of goods, labour and materials as at the time of such agreement or quotation. The supplier shall be entitled to increase such prices and charges in order to cover any increase to the supplier of the cost of goods, labour and materials.
  6. V.A.T.
    All prices are exclusive of Value Added Tax and where applicable Value added Tax will be charged at the rate current at the date of invoice.
  7. Delivery and Completion
    Unless otherwise agreed in writing any time or date named for the delivery of goods shall not be of the essence and the supplier shall not be liable for any losses or damages whatsoever resulting from delay in delivery. Any delay shall not entitle the customer to cancel any order or orders or to refuse at any time to accept delivery.
  8. Payment
    1. All prices are net and no settlement discount is allowed.
    2. A deposit of 50% of any structure will be paid by the customer to the supplier upon the giving of an order by the customer to the supplier.
    3. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid to the suppliers' driver upon delivery.
  9. Delivery and Passing of Risk
    The risk in goods sold by the supplier shall pass to the customer upon delivery.
  10. Passing of Ownership
    1. Any goods or structures sold by the supplier shall remain the sole and absolute property of the supplier until payment in full therefore has been made by the customer and the customer shall not attempt to sell, pledge, or otherwise deal in the goods or structures in a manner prejudicial to the suppliers' rights but will keep the goods or structures in the customers possession.
    2. These supplier or its authorised agents may forthwith without notice re-possess the goods and/or structure and for that purpose the customer irrevocably grants permission to the supplier or suppliers' authorised agents with such transport and labour as may at the suppliers discretion be required to enter on any premises where the goods or structures are believed to be situated in the event of the customer stopping payment or any part of the purchase price or refusing to pay any part of the purchase price.
  11. Exclusion of Warranties
    All warranties or conditions as to the quality or description (statutory or otherwise) are hereby excluded. It is for the customer to satisfy himself as to the suitability of the goods or structures own particular purpose and the customer shall have been deemed to have done. Accordingly the supplier gives no warranty as to the fitness of goods or structure for any particular purpose and any implied warranty or condition (statutory or otherwise) is hereby excluded.
  12. Exclusion of Liability
    The supplier shall not be liable for consequential damage or injury or death to the customer and/or third parties howsoever caused and shall not be liable for any damage (whether or not consequential) injury or death to third parties for any reason whatsoever or in any other way for the performance of the goods or structures sold.
  13. Waiver
    Waiver by the supplier if any breach of the general terms and conditions or any granting of time or indulgence by the supplier to the customer shall in no way affect the rights of the supplier hereunder.